Master Plan for Life

by Marlene Hessler
March 9, 2014
    From the cave man of old figuring out fire, hunting for food, preparing it and using so many more of the Gifts to make life more endurable and enjoyable. From learning how to make a cave a home to building skyscraper homes, vehicles to go along with them, and utilizing power to light and heat them, all the way to harnessing rivers to build that power. And, further to actually make and power vehicles to work on the questions of the solar system overall….Looking a gift horse in the mouth is always wrong. But especially so when the ‘gift horse’ is the horse that created the gift from nothing. Why would the Creator and giver of so much continue to do so? Do these fools believe that the gifts do not continue to flow from our Creator?
► Reply by Dr Richard W. Biek 11:43 PM 3/9/2014
    When I was the only doctor for 22,000 people in the Buem-Krachi District, Volta Region, Ghana, in the 1960s, I asked nurses with a 6th grade education without science or math, after 3 years of nursing school, and 3 years of work in hospital, clinic, lab, pharmacy, x-ray, maternity, and surgery to use 80 pages of routine orders and to do absolutely everything I did! The first 3 months, they were scared and hesitant, the second 3 months, they went overboard with overconfidence, but after that, they settled down and virtually achieved my level of skill. 
    When the routine orders did not fit, and they came to get help from me, I asked them if they had an idea of what to do. They always did, and their ideas were never even close to my own. But if I could not see any reason to oppose them, I’d tell them to try their ideas out. They invariably worked very well. Their results in all aspects were better than mine. They did not have to unlearn all the stuff crammed into my head from 7th grade through high school, college, medical school, internship and practice of medicine and surgery as I was taught.
    I told the Ministry of Health what I did to serve 300 clinic patients, 140 inpatients, and do 4 surgical operations a day. They covered their ears and said, “Don’t tell us what you are doing. We hear good things from the people. No one wants to work where you do. We have the same laws as Britain, and we’d have to stop you. So keep on, but do not officially report what you do.”
    If we judge every activity by actual outcomes, most training and licensure would not be useful. In America, overeducated and overcontrolled doctors now inadvertently cause 40% of all deaths. Helping patients discover their hidden potential, over 99% of my home visits doing positive health promotion result in improved wellness — happy, healthy, and satisfied patients. And the less than 1% who do not report better wellness, report no harm done. These are humanly impossible results. 
► Reply by [above author] Marlene Hessler 2:43 AM 3/9/2014 3/10/2014 
Dr. Biek,
    My congratulations to you. You are the first honest educated person I’ve heard in my 69 years today. I cannot tell you how many particularly ‘advance degreed’ idiots that I’ve had the pleasure to work with in almost 30 years in one career field.  Experience taught me the same thing. 
    Education destroys common sense in many many cases.  The more education, the less common sense.  And the educational institutions don’t even have the decency to recognize it.
    We only have to go back a generation or two to find most adults at that point were not college graduates, yet very many were quite successful in a variety of careers. My belief is that a ‘college degree’ should not be a requirement on a job application. Rather, the job applicant should be able to demonstrate they have the skills and experience that are supposedly represented in that piece of paper. Many who get the paper have no idea of the skills and experience it purports to provide.
    I wish I could provide some of the glaring incidents here, but I cannot because some are centered around the name of the person and it would present a problem of exposure both to them and to us for exposing the truth.
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Permalink Reply by D. Jones 6:52 AM 3/10/2014
Are you writing a book?  You need to get your story in print.  

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