Instant Wellness Score

Almost all of us are the world’s greatest expert on our own state of wellness. We know at least a million times more than any other expert about momentary changes in our happy mind, healthy body, and satisfied heart. Keeping track of our wellness score is a great way to discover how to do the greatest good, least harm and least waste of time.

Good intentions, even when very compassionate, are not enough. We need evidence of actual, real life outcomes.

We have only 3 choices at any time—do good, do harm, or waste our time. Doing harm may be the only way to stop a strong person from harming a weaker person. But whenever it is appropriate to do good, why not do the greatest possible good by improving the results of our efforts the most?

In less than a minute, we can record a wellness score that may be more accurate and certainly far more practical than a $10,000 professional assessment. The simplest way uses a 5-point self-reported score for a happy mind, 1 = very unhappy. 2 = somewhat unhappy. 3 = neutral, unsure, or no comment. 4 = somewhat happy. 5 = very happy. Score a healthy body and a satisfied heart the same way. Record only the total score ranging from 3 to 15. A score at or near 3 may need prompt professional help to face impending danger. A score at or near 15 may indicate excellent wellness.

Keep score of 100 consecutive human service encounters at initial contact, at the end of the first contact, and if feasible, 10 days and 6 months later. In a very short time, at very low cost, the good, harm, and waste of time we do becomes obvious. Especially when compared to nonintervention (90% recovery without intervention for non-emergencies) or the average score in the local community (of at least 100 randomly-selected residents).

When average self-reported wellness scores of recipients rise more than nonintervention or the community at large, expand the service or program, within reason.

When the scores are unchanged, make improvements until they rise over 90% of the time, or cut back and shift efforts to those already known to increase wellness scores the most.

When the scores drop, stop the service or program immediately. Why continue to do harm documented by the world’s greatest experts?

Imagine how much better life will be for all of us just by shifting resources toward doing the greatest good, least harm and least waste of time.


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