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I'm a board-certified Public Health and Preventive Medicine physician, member of American Medical Association (AMA), who makes self care consultation home visits, using positive health promotion. Emergency care does far more good than harm, so always get urgent care immediately. But all other health care does far more harm than good, and since 1900, is our hidden, number 1 destroyer of human life -- yearly, inadvertently and unknowingly, killing over a million American patients (in 2007's latest final statistics, now reaching 40+% from all reported causes of death) and over another million totally innocent unborn (many survivable outside the womb). Of patients who see a doctor, 85 % get better. Of those admitted, 1.6% die in hospital. For every health care death, there are 55 significant but nonfatal complications of care. Of those with the same complaints who do not see a doctor, 90% get better. Of those who learn to take good care of themselves, 95% get better. Of those who invite me to visit their homes, almost all discover his or her own unique way to get better, usually saving thousands of dollars a year on health care. You are the world's greatest expert on your own life and health. You know at least a million times more than any other expert could ever know how happy, healthy, and satisfied with life, and how your wellness changes from moment to moment. If a service or program increases average self-reported happy, healthy, and satisfied wellness scores, it should be expanded within reason. If it does not change average self-reported wellness scores, it should be improved until it does, or cut back to save resources for efforts that increase wellness scores the most. If self-reported wellness scores drop, it should be stopped immediately. Why continue if world's greatest experts report it makes them worse? Each of us has a hidden, unique, infinite, eternal potential. If we knew what it is, it would overwhelm us -- we could not handle it. But if we discover and take one most promising step after another, the great goodness we receive may seem too good to be true, and shake us up, but we can integrate it, and get ready to take the next step. My patients tell me facing the seemingly too good to be true is the hardest part of positive health promotion. And they can hardly wait to take the most promising next step to see what happens. About 90% of steps taken produce something good. Most amazingly, as soon as the other 10% realize they are on the wrong path, they suddenly become aware of the step they should have taken, and when they take it, the result often seems far too good to be true. But time confirms it is true, and they can hardly wait to take the next step. When results are good, they can enjoy them, sometimes even build on them. When results are not good, they find what they should have done, and when they do it, the goodness often overwhelms them.

Power of Love

Polwer of Love

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace. — William Gladstone 1809-1898

God is always talking to us, but we almost never listen. God is always with us, gives us full attention, as if we each were his only child. Nothing past nor future is more important than finding and doing the greatest humanly possible good at this moment. Every most promising next thought, word, and step we take is virtually doing God’s will. And are cheered on by all known and unknown goodness, truth, beauty, and unconditional love. Celestial beings cannot fathom how God mysteriously does this. When we stop thinking, struggling, worrying, just relax, close our eyes, in complete, simple trust like a 5-year-old child, going ever deeper inward, quiet, sensitive, receptive, we begin to receive suggestions of the next step to take. To keep going deeper, we need a partner to make a list of key words we say out loud as each suggestion enters our consciousness. Even better suggestions come if this partner prays or wishes silently for us to have the best possible experience.

When suggestions stop coming, we open our eyes and select the most promising step on the list. If we have the courage to take that step, we learn from real life experience, tiny bit by bit, to make the best humanly possible use of our vast, unique, infinite, hidden, eternal potential deep in our heart of hearts, where we already have all we shall ever need to meet any spiritual opportunity or challenge now and forever.

Not what we want when we want it, we get what we need when we really need it, especially by exhausting our humanly possible effort, our unselfish hearts can always offer loving-kindness where sophisticated egos, educated intellects, and rigid theologies clash.

By focusing exclusively on doing the greatest humanly possible good, all that is not good begins to fade. We experience refreshing peace oft overwhelmed by God’s love. Loving others as God loves each and every one of us equally is all we on Earth—and all on other inhabited planets in time and space— ever need. All else needed may spontaneously appear. If most of us keep doing the greatest humanly possible good, we may usher in our next stage of spiritual development on Earth—the age of light and life.


Instant Wellness Score

Almost all of us are the world’s greatest expert on our own state of wellness. We know at least a million times more than any other expert about momentary changes in our happy mind, healthy body, and satisfied heart. Keeping track of our wellness score is a great way to discover how to do the greatest good, least harm and least waste of time.

Good intentions, even when very compassionate, are not enough. We need evidence of actual, real life outcomes.

We have only 3 choices at any time—do good, do harm, or waste our time. Doing harm may be the only way to stop a strong person from harming a weaker person. But whenever it is appropriate to do good, why not do the greatest possible good by improving the results of our efforts the most?

In less than a minute, we can record a wellness score that may be more accurate and certainly far more practical than a $10,000 professional assessment. The simplest way uses a 5-point self-reported score for a happy mind, 1 = very unhappy. 2 = somewhat unhappy. 3 = neutral, unsure, or no comment. 4 = somewhat happy. 5 = very happy. Score a healthy body and a satisfied heart the same way. Record only the total score ranging from 3 to 15. A score at or near 3 may need prompt professional help to face impending danger. A score at or near 15 may indicate excellent wellness.

Keep score of 100 consecutive human service encounters at initial contact, at the end of the first contact, and if feasible, 10 days and 6 months later. In a very short time, at very low cost, the good, harm, and waste of time we do becomes obvious. Especially when compared to nonintervention (90% recovery without intervention for non-emergencies) or the average score in the local community (of at least 100 randomly-selected residents).

When average self-reported wellness scores of recipients rise more than nonintervention or the community at large, expand the service or program, within reason.

When the scores are unchanged, make improvements until they rise over 90% of the time, or cut back and shift efforts to those already known to increase wellness scores the most.

When the scores drop, stop the service or program immediately. Why continue to do harm documented by the world’s greatest experts?

Imagine how much better life will be for all of us just by shifting resources toward doing the greatest good, least harm and least waste of time.

About Author

Richard W. Biek, MD, MPH, is a retired public health and preventive medicine specialist, former medical missionary in Ghana 11 years, Chief Health Officer in Chicago 4 years, positions in State of Wisconsin, City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Veterans Home, Cook County (IL), City of St. Louis, Chicago Medical Society, Lieutenant Colonel in Army National Guard and Reserve 1988-1996, 6 weeks with U.S. Army in San Antonio (Texas), Bolivia, and Guatemala.

Quit in the 1970s diagnosing and treating patients finding that does far more harm than good — except in emergencies, when prompt medical-surgical attention has much better outcomes than any alternative. America now has over a billion health care visits a year, over 55 million (5.5%) have significant complications of care, and over a million complications (0.1%) are fatal — the hidden cause of over 40% of U.S. 2.4 million deaths at all ages from all reported causes. We know this, because when doctors go on strike, deaths at all ages from all reported causes drop from 17% to 60% in less than 10 days and remain low till the strike ends. Israel has had the most doctor strikes, and morticians there hope for a quick end to the strikes or go out of business. Medical and surgical care have never improved the health of any population anywhere in the world. All health professions have a negative association with community health —  except nursing, the only health profession associated with better community health status.

Positive health promotion home visit self care consultation based on inward search for spontaneous suggestions of the most promising next step to take to do the greatest possible good and solve non-urgent concerns, finding triggers of unwanted emotions and receiving inward reinterpretation of an original event, using quantum energy to heal oneself and others, and protocols using raw, organic, whole food concentrates for hard-to-get and much-needed nutrients, have humanly impossible over 99% success. No other known approach has better or safer outcomes. Details and Boulder, CO area home visits available on request at no fee.

Master Plan for Life

by Marlene Hessler
March 9, 2014
    From the cave man of old figuring out fire, hunting for food, preparing it and using so many more of the Gifts to make life more endurable and enjoyable. From learning how to make a cave a home to building skyscraper homes, vehicles to go along with them, and utilizing power to light and heat them, all the way to harnessing rivers to build that power. And, further to actually make and power vehicles to work on the questions of the solar system overall….Looking a gift horse in the mouth is always wrong. But especially so when the ‘gift horse’ is the horse that created the gift from nothing. Why would the Creator and giver of so much continue to do so? Do these fools believe that the gifts do not continue to flow from our Creator?
► Reply by Dr Richard W. Biek 11:43 PM 3/9/2014
    When I was the only doctor for 22,000 people in the Buem-Krachi District, Volta Region, Ghana, in the 1960s, I asked nurses with a 6th grade education without science or math, after 3 years of nursing school, and 3 years of work in hospital, clinic, lab, pharmacy, x-ray, maternity, and surgery to use 80 pages of routine orders and to do absolutely everything I did! The first 3 months, they were scared and hesitant, the second 3 months, they went overboard with overconfidence, but after that, they settled down and virtually achieved my level of skill. 
    When the routine orders did not fit, and they came to get help from me, I asked them if they had an idea of what to do. They always did, and their ideas were never even close to my own. But if I could not see any reason to oppose them, I’d tell them to try their ideas out. They invariably worked very well. Their results in all aspects were better than mine. They did not have to unlearn all the stuff crammed into my head from 7th grade through high school, college, medical school, internship and practice of medicine and surgery as I was taught.
    I told the Ministry of Health what I did to serve 300 clinic patients, 140 inpatients, and do 4 surgical operations a day. They covered their ears and said, “Don’t tell us what you are doing. We hear good things from the people. No one wants to work where you do. We have the same laws as Britain, and we’d have to stop you. So keep on, but do not officially report what you do.”
    If we judge every activity by actual outcomes, most training and licensure would not be useful. In America, overeducated and overcontrolled doctors now inadvertently cause 40% of all deaths. Helping patients discover their hidden potential, over 99% of my home visits doing positive health promotion result in improved wellness — happy, healthy, and satisfied patients. And the less than 1% who do not report better wellness, report no harm done. These are humanly impossible results. 
► Reply by [above author] Marlene Hessler 2:43 AM 3/9/2014 3/10/2014 
Dr. Biek,
    My congratulations to you. You are the first honest educated person I’ve heard in my 69 years today. I cannot tell you how many particularly ‘advance degreed’ idiots that I’ve had the pleasure to work with in almost 30 years in one career field.  Experience taught me the same thing. 
    Education destroys common sense in many many cases.  The more education, the less common sense.  And the educational institutions don’t even have the decency to recognize it.
    We only have to go back a generation or two to find most adults at that point were not college graduates, yet very many were quite successful in a variety of careers. My belief is that a ‘college degree’ should not be a requirement on a job application. Rather, the job applicant should be able to demonstrate they have the skills and experience that are supposedly represented in that piece of paper. Many who get the paper have no idea of the skills and experience it purports to provide.
    I wish I could provide some of the glaring incidents here, but I cannot because some are centered around the name of the person and it would present a problem of exposure both to them and to us for exposing the truth.
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Permalink Reply by D. Jones 6:52 AM 3/10/2014
Are you writing a book?  You need to get your story in print.  

The 99% Solution

Discover your hidden potential and use it to do the greatest possible good for self and others. We each have a unique, hidden, infinite, eternal potential and can easily begin to discover how good it is with over 99% success — and even for the less than 1% who don’t improve, it’s harmless. Almost all save $1000s on health care after one visit.

In emergencies, prompt medical-surgical attention has the best outcomes. If not well, but not an emergency, 90% recover without intervention, but may suffer awhile. If not an emergency, health care can relieve symptoms, but only 85% recover. With good self care, 95% recover.

Since the 1970s, home visit, self care consultation (positive health promotion) has over 99% recovery with greater happiness, health, and satisfaction reported by recipients. Even the less than 1% who do not get happier, healthier, and more satisfied get no worse.

The secret is easy discovery and making the best use of a very tiny part of the vast hidden potential we all have. More details available on request — currently at no fee.