The 99% Solution

Discover your hidden potential and use it to do the greatest possible good for self and others. We each have a unique, hidden, infinite, eternal potential and can easily begin to discover how good it is with over 99% success — and even for the less than 1% who don’t improve, it’s harmless.¬†Almost all save $1000s on health care after one visit.

In emergencies, prompt medical-surgical attention has the best outcomes. If not well, but not an emergency, 90% recover without intervention, but may suffer awhile. If not an emergency, health care can relieve symptoms, but only 85% recover. With good self care, 95% recover.

Since the 1970s, home visit, self care consultation (positive health promotion) has over 99% recovery with greater happiness, health, and satisfaction reported by recipients. Even the less than 1% who do not get happier, healthier, and more satisfied get no worse.

The secret is easy discovery and making the best use of a very tiny part of the vast hidden potential we all have. More details available on request — currently at no fee.