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Richard W. Biek, MD, MPH, is a retired public health and preventive medicine specialist, former medical missionary in Ghana 11 years, Chief Health Officer in Chicago 4 years, positions in State of Wisconsin, City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Veterans Home, Cook County (IL), City of St. Louis, Chicago Medical Society, Lieutenant Colonel in Army National Guard and Reserve 1988-1996, 6 weeks with U.S. Army in San Antonio (Texas), Bolivia, and Guatemala.

Quit in the 1970s diagnosing and treating patients finding that does far more harm than good — except in emergencies, when prompt medical-surgical attention has much better outcomes than any alternative. America now has over a billion health care visits a year, over 55 million (5.5%) have significant complications of care, and over a million complications (0.1%) are fatal — the hidden cause of over 40% of U.S. 2.4 million deaths at all ages from all reported causes. We know this, because when doctors go on strike, deaths at all ages from all reported causes drop from 17% to 60% in less than 10 days and remain low till the strike ends. Israel has had the most doctor strikes, and morticians there hope for a quick end to the strikes or go out of business. Medical and surgical care have never improved the health of any population anywhere in the world. All health professions have a negative association with community health —  except nursing, the only health profession associated with better community health status.

Positive health promotion home visit self care consultation based on inward search for spontaneous suggestions of the most promising next step to take to do the greatest possible good and solve non-urgent concerns, finding triggers of unwanted emotions and receiving inward reinterpretation of an original event, using quantum energy to heal oneself and others, and protocols using raw, organic, whole food concentrates for hard-to-get and much-needed nutrients, have humanly impossible over 99% success. No other known approach has better or safer outcomes. Details and Boulder, CO area home visits available on request at no fee.


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